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We employ strategic logistics to control your costs, expedite schedules, and deliver products safely. No matter the genre of your shipment, Go Green Logistics’ extensive shipping network will deliver the goods swiftly and smoothly. By truckload, LTL, or refrigerated freight, our fleet will get it done.



At Go Green Logistics, we specialize in trucking your goods across the continental United States using a combination of our owned fleet and authorized carriers. Our hybrid model of asset-based and brokerage trucking enables us to leverage our scale to deliver your goods speedily, quickly and efficiently. We service every type of truck shipment, including dry load, flatbed and refrigerated, helping you with transportation solutions no matter the product.

LTL Shipments

Use Go Green Logistics extensive national scale to consolidate LTL shipments with other like-minded national carriers across the world, saving time, money and most importantly, energy. Our Go Green ethos focuses on sustainable transportation, minimizing the necessity to transport trucks with unfilled capacity. We work with a variety of carriers across dry goods, perishables and large items to forecast shipment capacity and ensure trucks can be consolidated where possible. The trucks are consolidated, packed and unpacked at a neutral 3rd party locations in order to ensure your entire shipment is delivered in full and on time. You’ll never pay for unused truck space again.




From grocery items to medical supplies, our fleet of refrigerated trucks will make sure your shipments arrive without spoilage or disturbance. Use our end-to-end logistics solutions to have your products delivered from warehouse to point of sale while maintaining the optimum temperature.


At Go Green Logistics, the safety of your goods, cost factor and sustainably are key considerations. With intermodal shipping, goods are moved in longer haul transport that utilize truck and rail. This method of shipping lessens the amount of handling, which lowers costs for you. By aligning with our focus on sustainability, we can provide more efficient and eco-friendly rail transportation. This will maximize freight capacity and improve our carbon footprint, all while safely delivering your goods on time.



meet the fleet

dry van trailers

Our enclosed Dry Van trailers are ideal for transporting general freight: pallets, boxes of cargo, and equipment. We can haul up to 44,000 pounds of cargo or 26 standard pallets in these trucks.

refrigerated trailers

Our Reefer trailers are equipped with refrigeration units for temperature controlled cargo. They maintain specific climates for sensitive or perishable goods.


Our Intermodal freight shipping option offers a cost-effective way to move goods in longer haul transports, utilizing truck and rail.

flatbed trucks

The open design of our Flatbed trucks is optimal for oversized and bulky loads, such as construction materials and equipment. When necessary, we use tarps to protect the cargo from the elements.